We will be glad to advise you on the adhesive most suitable for use in your formulation.

The use of adhesives was the key foundation stone on which our company was built. We are pioneers and real professionals in the area of adhesives. Our number one goal from the very start was to provide dust-free seed and coated seed without active ingredient losses. And: microplastic-free already 40 years ago! You didn’t even know the word!

To keep up with developments in chemistry we have modified our adhesives portfolio over the years. For a long time we made use of natural resins (COMBICOAT Sticker, SATEC Sticker C und SATEC Sticker WFO 20%), which we found highly satisfactory for their good film formation and plant compatibility. Unfortunately, supplies of the raw material on the market declined very considerably for a while, so that we were forced to abandon this product line until now. But with the reviving demand for natural substances, there is an upsurge in interest for resins as a raw material. So we can offer a further development of the SATEC sticker WFO with a higher solids content of 30% instead of 20%.
Modern polymers and other natural raw materials also open up new possibilities.

We currently offer the following adhesives for the various applications:

ProductCharacteristicsArea of use/
Combination with
SATEC Sticker IPolymer, liquid, aqueousSeed of all kinds, combinable with all standard plant protection products. Registered as an adjuvant under No. LZ 00A788-00/00.
SATEC Sticker WWLLignosulfonate, powderSeed of all kinds, well suited for pelleting, combinable with nearly all standard plant protection products. Registered as an adjuvant under No. LZ 026774-00/00
SATEC Sticker RHIPolymer, liquid, aqueous
or powder
Seed of all kinds, for binding of bacteria and fungi. No registration needed.
SATEC Sticker WFO 30%Natural resin 30% in aqueous solutionSeeds of all kinds, for coating and incrusting. Registered as an adjuvant under No. LZ 00B065-00/00

We will be glad to advise you on the most suitable adhesive for your formulation and seed type.

Listing as additives, synergists, safeners or auxiliaries:

Our adhesives do not enhance the efficacy of the plant protection products together with which they are applied to the seeds, nor do they ensure that any phytotoxic properties of plant protection products are inhibited. They serve merely to keep the active ingredients firmly attached to the seed grain and to prevent the development of dust due to abrasion after coating.

For these reasons, we personally do not see the need for an authorisation, but we must do so anyway. What one has to do for a listing as an applicant and who checks what, you can read here if you are interested: