COMBICOAT® fit Premium Fertiliser Solution

We, too, have been working for a long time on plant fortification. Over the years we have tested a large number of different products in glasshouse and outdoor trials and then, in 2017, we finally made our decision: time and again, COMBICOAT® fit gave evidence of its efficacy not only in major crops such as maize and oilseed rape but also in a variety of vegetable crops. When used as a dressing it gives young plants the immediate support needed to ensure a good start. Particularly under poor soil and weather conditions it has proved to have very favourable effects on root growth by producing a large number of finely branched roots. It also stimulates metabolic processes in the young plants, thus helping them to cope with stress situations during the development phase.

COMBICOAT® fit is a fertiliser solution. It can be used directly as a seed coating, but can also be combined with other dressings.

We would be glad to place our results at your disposal and to provide you with any advice you may need.

Maize – Better root growth and development with TMTD + COMBICOAT® fit

laboratory trial , field soil+sand in pots, 2016

Barley – to have a lead with COMBICOAT® fit

Laboratory trial in pleated paper, 2016, 12 days after sowing

Lambs lettuce

Untreated · COMBICOAT fit · CC fit + TMTD 98% S · TMTD 98% SATEC