Dyes and gloss pigments

Our SATEC dyes and gloss pigments offer the right solution for every purpose.

Treated seeds are dyed for a number of reasons, e.g.

  • Marketing or identification purposes
  • Checking of seed deposition
  • Warning signal (Caution! The seed is coated with a plant protection product or some other substance.)
  • Repellent effect

We will be glad to test our dyes and gloss pigments in your formulation and to let you have inspection samples.

Our colour range provides the right solution for all customer requirements.

Our standard dyes – SATEC Paste Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/White intensive – are highly concentrated, non-toxic and water-dilutable. They can all be mixed with one another as required.

Gloss pigments, in various colour shades, visually upgrade your pelleting and encrusting treatments. Once coated, the treated seeds dry more rapidly, flow more easily and are less prone to forming bridges in seeder units. They are compatible with, and can even stimulate, the micro-organisms used in seed treatment.

SATEC marking dyes identify the seed, provide mechanical protection and reduce the risk of it being eaten by birds. Since they are made up of natural components and food dyes, they are also suitable for organic farming. They are delivered in packs from 1 kg upwards.

The picture shows SATEC marking dyes – blue on maize and white on fir trees.