Plant protection / Plant nutrition

Seed coating means precise application of effective active ingredients combined with very low application rates per hectare.

We protect growth.

Seed coatings with fungicidal or insecticidal active ingredients act as a sort of insurance measure for the cultivation of a large number of crops. The effects of unpredictable fungal infections or insect damage on seedlings still germinating in the soil can be so serious that optimum development of the crop can no longer be guaranteed. Seed treatment is thus a prophylactic measure, but because of its targeted topical action it must definitely be seen as a component of integrated pest management.

Seed treatment is considered to be the most environmentally friendly form of crop protection. The entire amount applied per hectare is confined entirely to the seeds themselves and is extremely low compared to area spraying or to granule application along the seed row.

One of our major specialities is the testing of new active ingredients to show whether they are suitable as coatings for maize and oilseed rape, though also for peas, sunflowers, broad beans, grain crops and various types of vegetables. Our test criteria for this purpose are efficacy and crop tolerance.