Plant protection / Plant nutrition

Seed coating means precise application of effective active ingredients combined with very low application rates per hectare.

Strong roots are the be-all and the end-all. Our products support your cultures right from the start. Not available at the moment: TMTD 98% SATEC® , Thiram SC 700 and DMM.

We protect growth.

Seed coatings with fungicidal or insecticidal active ingredients act as a sort of insurance measure for the cultivation of a large number of crops. The effects of unpredictable fungal infections or insect damage on seedlings still germinating in the soil can be so serious that optimum development of the crop can no longer be guaranteed. Seed treatment is thus a prophylactic measure, but because of its targeted topical action it must definitely be seen as a component of integrated pest management.

Seed treatment is considered to be the most environmentally friendly form of crop protection. The entire amount applied per hectare is confined entirely to the seeds themselves and is extremely low compared to area spraying or to granule application along the seed row.

Times have changed. Not even the best coatings for dust-free bonding of pesticides to seeds can alter the facts. The list of authorised active ingredients for plant protection is becoming shorter and shorter. We are fighting hard to get thiram back in the EU positive list and to obtain reauthorisation of our TMTD 98% SATEC. At the same time we have been busy searching for alternatives and have now come up with a number of products which offer support instead of protection.

Take a look at our COMBICOAT range. Liquid fertiliser and microorganisms combinable with dyes and stickers/adhesives will help you get the best out of your crops. They will make them fit for critical situations such as drought and nutrient deficiencies. And since bad things, like good things, usually have their origin in the root – here is where we go into action! From the very start!