Technical service

If you so wish, we would be pleased to have your coating and pelleting machines regularly maintained by our qualified staff.

Technical service

Maintenance of coating and pelleting machines

Here are some good reasons for having your machines regularly maintained by SATEC’s qualified staff:

  • Machines can work safely and accurately only if they are regularly maintained
  • The failure rate even of very old machines can be reduced to a minimum
  • Certification of your machines is easier if can present regularly kept maintenance and calibration logs
  • Expensive repairs due to excessive wear can be avoided

Our technical service in practice

  • Regular maintenance, e.g. before every season, about once or twice a year
  • Checking of all relevant components by visual and functional tests in accordance with a standardised maintenance schedule
  • Replacement of faulty or worn parts as necessary
  • Calibration of all seed, powder and liquid dosing systems, and recording of the degrees of accuracy reached
  • All records are duly signed and handed over to the customer, who can then use them as evidence


  • Support by direct contact with SATEC’s expert staff in Elmshorn
  • Online fault analysis
  • Spare part deliveries direct from Elmshorn
  • Installation on the customer’s premises by trained staff or by SATEC employees

Software updates

  • Software updates are available to customers free of charge