SATEC SLP dosing unit

A compact standby device facilitating precise work to present-day standards in seed pilot plants or at field testing stations. Can be used for encrusting, pelleting and coating with all SATEC CONCEPT laboratory coaters.


Manual mode

  • start, stop, pause, dosage displays
  • velocity and flow rate manually adjustable

Automatic mode

  • start, stop, pause, dosage displays, dosage time display
  • time and set point selectable, pump adjusts velocity automatically
  • online calculation

External mode

  • pump direction selectable manually
  • start/stop and velocity controllable via external devices
  • internal storage of formulations
  • password protected
  • detailed assist mode

User languages

  • German
  • English
  • French

Possible flow rates

Internal tube diameter0.5 mm0.8 mm1.6 mm3.2 mm4.8 mm6.4 mm8.0 mm
60 rev/min1.83.61551112.5180240
100 rev/min362585187.5300400
190 rev/min5.711.447.5161.5356.25570760
220 rev/min6.613.255170412.5666880