To know where you are going, you must know where you come from – some milestones in our product development and general activities

19. November 2018 - 1981

foundation of the company

- 1981

first genuine encrusting of oilseed rape using an adhesive agent on large machines – dust-free encrustation of oilseed rape

- 1982

encrusting of cereal seed – liquid application of the dressing (at that time still in powder form) – dust-free encrusting of cereal seed

- 1982

first genuine encrusting of maize seed, using special adhesive agents instead of dextrin or beer

- 1986 onwards

registration of the insecticidal seed treatment COMBICOAT CBS® (with the active ingredient carbosulfan) in several European countries (Germany, Denmark, France, Austria)

- 1989

changeover from the Kurz Hintze continuous flow machines to batch coaters

- 1990 onwards

registration of the fungicidal seed treatment TMTD 98% Satec in several European countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium)

- 1991

introduction of the Rotostat system (of the then ICI) for non-cereal species in Germany, France and Sweden

- 1991

our previous quality standards for precision coating are consistently applied to our Satec Concept batch coater

- 2002 onwards

development and distribution of Sat 2002 (with the active ingredient metconazole technical) for the control of Phoma in oilseed rape

- 2003

distribution rights for the fungicide DMM/Acrobat in winter oilseed rape for the control of downy mildew

adaptation of the Satec Concept Technology for the pelleting of sugar beet and vegetable seed

- 2008

presentation of what is probably the world’s smallest automatic batch coater: the SATEC Concept Micro

- 2010

presentation of the Satec Dust Monitor for monitoring and quality control of dust levels from coated seed

- 2010

re-registration of TMTD 98% Satec® in Germany for another 10 years in more than 40 crops

- 2011

completion of the checklist and inclusion in the Julius Kühn Institute list of seed treatment facilities with quality assurance systems for dust reduction.

- 2012

official testing and approval of the SATEC Dust Monitor by the Julius Kühn Institute in Braunschweig, approval number: G1913

20. November 2018 - 2015

Registration oft the fungicidal rapeseed treatment Thiram SC 700 transferred from BAYER CropScience Germany to SATEC Handelsges. mbH

21. November 2018 - 2016

registration of the fungicidal rapeseed treatment DMM® transferred from BASF SE to SATEC Handelsges.mbH

- 2016

foundation of the subsidiary SATEC Equipment GmbH for seed dressing machines and technical equipment