DMM®/Acrobat WP

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Active ingredient: 500g/kg dimethomorph

Fungicidal active ingredient against downy mildew (Hyaloperonospora parasitica) in oilseed rape.

Registration holder: SATEC Handelsges.mbH

Water dispersible powder for seed coating

Late sowing, cold, damp weather or varieties with limited pre-winter development often involve a risk of the crop being infested by downy mildew. Plant losses and insufficient pre-winter development can result from this. An additional coating with DMM® serves as a countermeasure.

SATEC Handelsges.mbH has been a DMM distribution partner of BASF SE for over 10 years. DMM is a powder and can be mixed in with the ready-to-use seed dressings available on the market for oilseed rape. It possesses very good crop tolerance, and provides good all-round fungicidal protection when combined with our TMTD 98% SATEC®.



Prolongation of the registration until 15th February 2026

Registration Number: 024228-00

Product application rate per kg seed: 10 g 

Use area: oilseed rape, field crops, downy mildew (Hyaloperonospora parasitica), seed treatment

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We consider our DMM product only in combination with TMTD 98% Satec®.
An EU decision on the active ingredient dimethomorph is also expected in the near future.