Thiram SC 700

not available at the moment

Thiram SC 700

Active ingredient: thiram
contains 571.4 g TMTD 98% SATEC per kg

Contact fungicide against damping off diseases in oilseed rape (without exception of specific pathogens)

Co-distributor:: BAYER CropScience Deutschland GmbH

  • liquid SC
  • whitish
  • for use in specific encrustation processes
  • active ingredient with repellent/deterrent effect on birds and rodents

Urgent information (October 2018)

Despite the strong lobbying of the seed industry on EU and national level, the European Commission imposed their proposals for the non-extension of the authorisations of thiram : 

Member States (MSs) have until January 30, 2019 to withdraw authorisations of plant protection products (PPPs) containing thiram.

Seed treatment can take place until January 30, 2020. MSs may grant shorter period for seed treatment.

In theory seeds could be treated until January 30, 2020 but if they are treated on January 30, 2020 those treated seeds could not be placed on the market since the prohibition of placing on the market and use of treated seeds takes effect on January 31, 2020. MSs decide on the appropriate grace periods individually.

treated seeds can be placed on the market and sown until January 30, 2020. MSs cannot shorten that period

The period is absolute, not decided on a MS by MS basis.

Urgent information (december 2018)

The registration for Thiram SC 700 in Germany has been withdrawn as of 31 January 2019. As there is no product in the market at the moment, there is no need for a period of grace concerning use or sale.



Registered until 31.12.2019

Registration No.: 006274-00

Application rate: 7 g product/kg seed

Use areas: Oilseed rape, field crops, damping off diseases (without limitation of pathogens), seed treatment